Vegetable Directory

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Guide to Leafy Greens

CSA Tips

Vegetable Storage

Arugula  Arugula


Haricot Vert   Provider   Gold Rush Yellow Beans   Beans

Beet   Cylindra Beet  Golden Beet    Chioggia Beet   Red Beet  Beets

june_33327282425_o  Bok Choy


Napa Cabbage  Napa Cabbage      Green Cabbage  Red Cabbage  Red Cabbage

Carrot   Carrot

Celeriac   Celeriac

Collard Greens  Collard Greens

Sweet Corn Sweet Corn

marketmore  Pariso Little Leaf MannyCucumber

Diamond Eggplant       Little Finger Eggplant    Ping Tung Long Eggplant    Eggplant

image   Garlic Scapes

Garlic  Garlic

Lacinato Kale (Dinosaur)        Kale

image Kohlrabi

june_32513071003_o  Lettuce Heads

Green Wave Mustard Greens  Mustard Greens

Gladstone    Redwing   Cortland  Onion

pac choy     Yukina Savoy Asian greens       Asian Green vitamin gren Tat Soi    Pac Choy/Tat Soi – mild Asian green

Parsley  Parsley – Italian Flat Leaf

California Wonder              Peppers – Sweet, Bell, Roasting

Jalapeno     Hot Peppers

Dark Red Norland  Yukon Gold  All Blue  Mountain Rose   Potato


june_32513085783_o  Radish       Daikon Radish  Purple daikonDaikon    Watermelon Radish  Watermelon

Rhubarb   Rhubarb


image23-e1499265122626.jpeg Snap Peas

snow_peas  Snow Peas

Spinach  Spinach

Squash – Winter & Summer

Delicata Squash Delicata Squash   (crop failure – 2019)

Green machine          Summer Squash / Zucchini

butternut       Winter Squash

june_32513090213_o   Swiss Chard

Medford   Damsel           Rose  Valencia         Bing   Montesino           Tomato – Hoophouse, Heirloom, Field Grown, Cherry

june_33199597601_o  Turnip (Fresh Salad – Hakurei)  scarlet turnip  Turnip (Fresh Salad-Scarlet)

Turnip   Turnip

Sugar Baby Watermelon  Watermelon

Certified Organic Seeds purchased from High Mowing Seeds 



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