Varieties we are growing this season:

Quick Tip:  Beans can be quickly blanched and stored in the fridge. They hold up a bit longer that way. Then you can snack on or add to dished rather quickly.  If you don’t get to use the up — simply toss in the freezer for later. We find this very helpful.

BLANCH – place trimmed beans in boiling water for 2 minutes then directly into ice water bath to cool. Store drained beans in a container of your choice. Use within 1 week or freeze.

Bean Salad – – made this the other day used fresh beans not canned , trimmed and snapped into bite-sized pieces, steamed for 5 minutes or until tender, may need to adjust quantities for your salad

How to blanch green beans

Green bean, tomato, onion, basil summer salad

Quick refrigerator pickled beans

Pinterest Bean Board

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