CSA Membership Details

2023 CSA

Our CSA membership offers 20 weekly deliveries of certified organic vegetables grown on our farm. We provide recipes and tips in our weekly newsletter by email and invite members to the farm for educational and engaging events throughout the season. CSA Memberships are limited to 100 Shares. Please reserve yours as soon as possible. Members of the current season are offered the opportunity to join a CSA Extension for 4 more weeks through the end of November (No delivery the week of Thanksgiving) The CSA Extension is limited to 30 Shares.

If you are unfamiliar with how a CSA works, please see more info here What is a CSA? 

CSA Shares from 2020 week by week for an example

2023 CSA SEASON – Deliveries begin Tuesday, 6/6, and continue through Friday, 10/27. NO DELIVERIES during the week of July 4th.

Your CSA Share is so much more than just veggies. The benefits of membership are:

  • weekly organic seasonal vegetables harvested on our farm
  • the opportunity to invest in your local agricultural economy
  • the knowledge of where and how your food is grown
  • having a relationship with your farmers
  • a chance to connect and learn from fellow CSA members
  • education on how to prepare and store your produce
  • the opportunity to visit our farm and connect with the land

How to Join? Please follow Step #1 through Step #4 and choose your location, weekly or bi-weekly share, and payment option, and complete a membership form.

Step #1 – Delivery Locations – choose one



Weekly PAYMENT OPTIONS – 5 months (20 Weeks @ $35/wk)

  • Split Payment: $350 at joining & $350 due August 1st
  • Deposit with 5 Installments: $200 deposit at joining & 5 Installments of $100/Installments are due by the 10th of the month beginning in May until paid in full.
  • Payment in Full: $700

Weekly Step #3 – Complete your CSA Membership Form with location and payment choice

Weekly Step #4 – Mail your payment or pay online

Payments payable and mailed to Ever Green Farm, 5942 Old Lake Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878


Your bi-weekly CSA share can not be rescheduled for a different week once the CSA delivery season has started.

XXXX no deliveries July 4,5,6,7,8

Bi-weekly PAYMENT OPTIONS – 5 months (10 Weeks @ $40/wk)

  • Deposit with Balance Due: $200 deposit at joining with $200 balance due May 1st
  • Payment in Full: $400

Bi-Weekly Step #3 Complete the Bi-Weekly CSA Membership form.

Bi-Weekly Step #4 -Mail your payment or pay online

Payments payable and mailed to Ever Green Farm, 5942 Old Lake Road, Rock Stream, NY 14878

2022 Season Week #1-16 (June through September)

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