imageStorage: Cut off the leafy stalks (you can use the leaves as you would kale or collard greens; be sure to use them with a few days) and scrub the kohlrabi bulbs clean, wrap them loosely in plastic or a paper bag, and refrigerate them until you’re ready to use them. Fresh kohlrabi will last up to several weeks in the fridge.


Best Uses: Raw in salads, slaws, sticks for dipping; sliced paper thin; stir-fry, roast, steamed – cubed, wedged or matchstick into bite size pieces. If skin seems rubbery peel otherwise the skin can be eaten – your choice.

We grow two varieties -Spring smaller and in the fall the larger version (peel this one for sure)


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How we grow it:  Kohlrabi is in the cabbage family and we start seeds in flats, re-pot to larger cells and transplant. We row cover after transplanting to protect from insects and elements while the plants get established. The bulb grows above ground from the bottom root.



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