Sept 21st-wk #15 2021

CSA Share this week

Link to main directory : Vegetable Directory or click on the listed veggies above

For more information about your weekly veggies, you can find storage and usage tips on the Vegetable Directory. This can be found from the menu on the website or the link above. We also have Pinterest boards for all veggies.

Quick Tips & Recipe ideas: Red Norland Potato: red skin/white flesh, you do have to scrub them but no need to peel; boil, salads, frying, roasting; we like to boil our with some garlic cloves and smash with them Rutabaga: boiled, mashed, roasted, soups, more ideas for you Parsley: chopped and added to smashed potato, more ideas Scallions: chopped and added to smashed potato; scallion pancakes, frittata, salads, stir fry, more ideas Leeks: mild onion flavor; use the white solid stalk with some of the light green; tips for cutting and using Jalapeno: yes, it is a 1/2 lb; storage tip-place in a plastic bag with a paper towel and they will last for a couple of weeks; can be seeded and frozen for later use, chop and add to dishes for a bit of heat, excellent in chili & corn bread; more ideas for you Butternut Squash: Roasted, soup, mashed, baked goods-muffins, breads, pies (Did you know that you can make a “pumpkin pie” with butternut puree?) Cut in half scoop out the seeds and roast whole or cube before roasting; the skin can be eaten although generally peeled when cubing for roasting and definitely peeled for soup. Beans: blanch for freezing, great in stir-fry, curry, side dish simmered with tomato and garlic and onion Asian Greens: eaten raw or cooked, soup, salads, stir-fry Garlic: Have you ever roasted garlic? So delicious The temperatures are going down it is roasting season How to roast garlic Peppers: can be seeded, sliced or diced and frozen without blanching

CSA Shares continue until WEEK #20!! That means only 5 more weeks of the regular season. We have started getting members for the CSA Extension Share – be sure to claim your spot ASAP.

CSA Extension Share: You can purchase below with a credit card or PayPal. Payment can also be paid by check or cash at your CSA delivery. $150 The CSA Extension Share continues for 4 more weeks after the regular season. These shares are limited and available to the first 30 current CSA members that join. The deliveries begin immediately after the regular season November 2nd and end December 3rd. There is no delivery Thanksgiving week.

Above is what our members enjoyed last season. Possibilities: garlic, potato, onion, peppers, rutabaga, storage turnip, storage radish, butternut, cabbage, celeriac, kale, collard greens, lettuce, arugula, mustard greens, hakurei turnip, radish, bok choy, broccoli, spinach, leeks

CSA EXT - 4wks Nov & Dec

CSA EXT – 4wks Nov & Dec


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CSA Extension

NOV 3 – DEC 2 (No deliveries Thanksgiving week – 4 weeks) ($150+ processing fees)


Farm Update: We have started to build a new hoophouse. This will be similar to the others that we grow heirloom tomatoes and bell peppers in. We have the four corner posts in and square (we hope). The poles are hammered into the ground 30″. This is a rocky area so fingers crossed that we can get the all in where we need them to be. We have a bit to go on the construction, but we squeeze it in when we can. These structures can give us some weather protection for some crops. With our irregular weather these days, we will plan to build more on our farm to secure our growing capabilities and ease our farming minds. The covercrops that have been planted so far are growing quickly.

Thank you for supporting our small farm!

Angus, Joseph, Marcus, Pearl, Joely, & Joe

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to email or text.

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