Nov 16- EXT #3 2021

CSA Share this week

Many of you have already renewed your CSA Membership and we THANK YOU!! Your early payments allow us to budget more effectively and get our supply orders in early. We will make our seed & supplies orders in December.

If you are a 2021 CSA Extension Member, the Early Bird $50 discount extended until 12/3, the end of the Extension Share, for you. If you would like to pay by credit card or PayPal, please let us know and we can have an invoice emailed to you. Paying by check or cash? You can bring your payment to your CSA delivery or mail it to the farm.

Quick Tips:

As always – give your veggies a rinse at home. Your roots (radish, turnip) will store for quite some time with proper storage; add paper towels to bags to absorb excess moisture. Butternut Squash: excellent roasted, soup, pureed for baked goods (yes, you can make squash pie, butternut bread-substitute for pumpkin in recipes); squash will store in a cool (50 degrees/60% humidity) and dark place for about 3 months; if you like you can prep it-peel, dice and store in the fridge for a few about 4 days or freeze on a cookie sheet then add to a ziplock freezer bag to use portions as desired; Broccoli: it was soaked at the farm but please be sure to wash again at home and inspect for little caterpillars -remember no pesticides on this farm-soaking in a bit of salted water (4tsp/gallon) can help loosen any that remain; I generally inspect when cutting up the florets; you can eat the stems just peel the outer skin and harder spots where the leaves grew then slice or dice; excellent for soup, steaming, roasting Kale: so wonderful in soup, stews, added to pasta sauce, and braised; slice thin with the stems, saute with oil and garlic until tender – can be added to pasta sauce; add to soup uncooked and allow to cook in the soup; pesto;salad (massage with hands to soften) Cabbage: we love cabbage steaks -sliced into 1″ rounds, brushed with olive oil, topped with garlic powder, salt, and pepper then bake 400 for about 20 minutes; can broil to crisp up the edges when tender; slaw; soup, saute Watermelon Radish: these will store all winter in your fridge add to other sauted dishes; cooking mellows the radish flavor; pickle; slaw; crudite; stirfry; roast; Hakurei Turnip: can be eaten raw or cooked; turnip burger recipe last week; crudite; roasted; soups; stews; these will store in the fridge for months; shredded onto salads; Bell Peppers: can be seeded and sliced then frozen in baggies-no blanching; crudite; Lettuce Mix: it was washed on the farm but please wash again at home; add paptertowel to absorb excess moisture in the bag; it is the excess moisture that reduces storage time;

Recipes & Ideas for the week:

Check our Pinterest Boards for more ideas

For more information about your weekly veggies, you can find storage and usage tips on the Vegetable Directory. We also have Pinterest boards for all veggies.

FARM NEWS: Garlic Planting: Completed!! The garlic has been planted for the 2022 season. The remaining cloves are tucked into the ground under a bed of organic straw for the winter. Hoop House construction: still a work in progress; working on then end wall construction when the weather permits.

2022 CSA Membership – 5 months (20 weeks)

We are extremely grateful for the continued support that we have received. We offer a $50 discount to CSA members that commit to the season early because it aids us with planning for the season. We can also take advantage of some early payment discounts on supplies. These upfront dollars are necessary for us to purchase supplies and keep the farm running. Our farm is solely funded by 100 CSA Memberships. The CSA share has gone up a few dollars for each week of produce received to help cover our increased expenses. We always strive to provide you with an abundance of high-quality nutritious produce. Thank you for allowing us to grow with you.

Your CSA Share is so much more than just veggies. The benefits of membership are:

  • weekly organic seasonal vegetables harvested on our farm
  • the opportunity to invest in your local agricultural economy
  • the knowledge of where and how your food is grown
  • having a relationship with your farmers
  • a chance to connect and learn from fellow CSA members
  • education on how to prepare and store your produce
  • the opportunity to visit our farm and connect with the land

2022 CSA Membership – $650

Early Bird Discount: Pay by check or cash $600 (Ever Green Farm)

Payment Plans Available: 2 Options

Split Payment: $325 at joining and $325 due by August 1st, 2022

Deposit with Installments: $125 at joining the $100/mo May through September

Thank you for supporting our small farm!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to email or text.

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