CSA Extension Share – Week #2

CSA Extension Week #2 - November 7th - November 9th


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Daikon Radish
Cabbage – Napa/ Green
Kale -Lacinato (Dinosaur)
Hakurei Salad Turnip

Farm News and Happenings

FRIDAY DELIVERIES – Rescheduled to Thursday this week.     No CSA deliveries on Friday, Nov 10th – Veterans Day

Now accepting membership for 2018 with a 5% Discount. If you have already joined, THANK YOU!!  Please help us to grow our membership and tell a friend about our CSA.

GARLIC PLANTING – Planting the garlic this season has been a challenge as we have had to wait longer than normal due to the excessive rain we received in the past few weeks. However, it is now done!  Process: Garlic Bulbs are broken down into cloves and counted; Rows and spacing marked in the bed; Individual cloves are dropped for planting in marked rows at spacing needed; Cloves are hand pressed into soil in proper direction and spacing; Beds are mulched with organic straw for winter protection and weed suppression. The garlic is all tucked in for winter – Garlic Harvest……..July 2018!

As some of you may know, we had to purchase new garlic seed this season.  We have been building up our garlic seed since we started farming in 2005. At one time or another we purchased garlic seed that was contaminated with bloat nematode that has infected our soil. This particular nematode effects garlic and onions.  We are unable to save our garlic as seed and purchased Certified Organic /Certified Nematode Free seed to plant this year. We have had to plant in a field that we have not ever planted garlic in hopes of eliminating the cycle. This type of nematode can survive in the soil over winter and for many years. Now it is a matter of reduction and management.

Articles about garlic bloat nematodes:

Bloat Nematode – High Mowing Seeds

Bloat Nematode – University of Maine

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