CSA Extension Share – Week #1

CSA Extension Week #1 - October 31st - November 3rd

Ext Week 1



Be sure to take a look at the Vegetable Directory for pictures tips, inspiration and links. Click on each vegetable for details.




Celeriac no tops (Celery Root)
Thyme (for your smashed celeriac:)
Potato - German Butterball
Radish - Watermelon & Daikon
Butternut Squash
Baby Lettuce Mix
Hakurei Turnip with greens

Farm News and Happenings

Thanks for joining our CSA Extension!  When you receive your share this week, take note of the share list – our cell phone numbers are listed if you need to text us.

Joe has been busy cleaning up the fields for winter and getting the cover crop planted.  Special thanks to Holly for helping!!!  We planted certified organic Triticale and Austrian Winter Peas for cover crop. This will grow and help reduce soil erosion and hold nutrients in the soil. These will be worked into the soil in spring to add organic matter.



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