CSA Shares Week #21 – Final Week regular season – NOV/DEC Extension starts next week

Week #21 - October 24th - October 27th

The list below is what you will find in your share this week. Follow the links to each vegetable for storage tips, preservation, inspiration, and recipe ideas. Be sure to take a look at the Vegetable Directory for pictures and links. Varieties and quantities may vary between large and small share.

Winter Squash - Butternut or Spaghetti
Black Radish
Daikon Radish
Napa Cabbage
Bok Choy
Baby Lettuce Mix

Farm News and Happenings

CSA NOV/DEC Extension Share – Members must be registered and paid this week to be included. Membership Form  – Membership forms available at your CSA Pick up

FINAL WEEK!! Regular season June-October


Thank you for being part of our CSA this season! We hope that you have enjoyed eating through the season, tried something new, and found a new favorite vegetable or recipe. Being part of a CSA is a special experience as it brings you a bit closer to weather conditions, home cooking, and control of your health.  Aside from your personal benefits you are also part of a bigger picture. Your membership and dedication to our CSA also benefits the environment. When you are part of our CSA you can be sure that your purchase has reduced synthetic chemicals entering our air, soil, and waterways. Organic farming is based on soil health and we continue to work with nature, improve our soil health, and the environment as a whole.

To learn more: The Farming Systems Trial (FST)® at Rodale Institute is America’s longest running, side-by-side comparison of organic and chemical agriculture. “As we face uncertain and extreme weather patterns, growing scarcity and expense of oil, lack of water, and a growing population, we will require farming systems that can adapt, withstand or even mitigate these problems while producing healthy, nourishing food. After more than 30 years of side-by-side research in our Farming Systems Trial (FST), Rodale Institute has demonstrated that organic farming is better equipped to feed us now and well into the ever changing future.”


Thank you from the Farm Crew:  Joe, Joely and our boys – Joseph, Angus & Marcus

Our extended crew – “The Girls”



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