CSA Extension Share – Week #3

CSA Extension Week #3 - November 14th - November 17th


Be sure to take a look at the Vegetable Directory for pictures, tips, recipes, and inspiration. Click on each vegetable for details.

Not sure what to do with something – Look at the Vegetable Directory for pictures and links to information on each vegetable.



Butternut Squash 
Sweet Potato
Potato - German Butterball

Farm News and Happenings

No Delivery next week – HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Delivery resumes the following week – Tuesday 11/28 – Friday 12/1

We hope that you have wonderful bountiful feast. This is one of our favorite holidays. We are truly thankful for the season.  We get a chance to take a breath and enjoy the bounty.

Look what came in the mail!!!!!

I know what we are doing next week…… We are already beginning to plan for next season. We generally choose a few new varieties to grow.  We order 98% of our seeds from High Mowing Seeds. They offer a CSS (Community Supported Seed) program. When we purchase our “Community Seed Share” before December 21st, we save 10%. This is the savings that we pass along to you –when you join our CSA early. Thank You!!

Now accepting membership for 2018 with a 5% Discount.

If you have already joined, THANK YOU!!  Please help us to grow our membership and tell a friend about our CSA.


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