August 10th-wk #9 2021

CSA Share this week

Link to main directory : Vegetable Directory or click on the listed veggies above

For more information about your weekly veggies, you can find storage and usage tips on the Vegetable Directory. This can be found from the menu on the website or the link above. We also have Pinterest boards for all veggies.

Quick Tips & Recipe ideas: Kohlrabi: This one is sometimes new for new members. The name stands for “cabbage-turnip”. It stores quite well for several weeks, so no rush to use. Store in the fridge loosely wraped. They must be peeled to be eaten and can be eaten raw in salads, slaw, or sticks to dip. Also, cooked in sautés, roasted, steamed, boiled, stir fry. Super versatile veggie. Cut off the root end to make it easier to use a peeler to remove the outer skin. Can also be boiled an mashed with potato, a classic is potato kohlrabi soup. However, it is a bit warm for soup this week and the potatoes are still in the ground. Mini-Sweet Peppers: Finally beginning to turn colors; not many seeds in these; yummy to just munch, add to a sandwich, salad, or dip.  Beans: side dish or summer salad, easily blanched and frozen, quick pickled, 3 bean salad. We sometimes blanch our beans and have them ready in the fridge to munch or to add to a salad or a quick side dish. Tomato: Your tomatoes will sometimes go home not fully ripe. They will continue to ripen on the counter. Tomatoes ripen from the inside out. Please do not refrigerate unless absolutely necessary. If you must, please allow to adjust to room temp before eating. Refrigeration will effect the flavor and is not recommended. Use your judgement on ripeness – will be tender to the touch. Over ripe tomatoes are tricky to slice but go great in the pan cooked with other veggies like squash, pepper, eggplant and basil. Tomatoes are great on sandwiches, in salads, roasted, and even chopped and tossed into a sauté or curry. Onions: today’s onions are not cured for storage; please use promptly, they can be stored on the counter. Cucumber: raw in salads, quick refrigerator pickles, tomato & cucumber salad -so refreshing on a hot day; individually wrapped in a paper towel and then placed in a bag will help with storage; even better – eat them in wedges with salt an pepper or quick pickle ’em Summer Squash: great on the grill; cubed or sliced or chunks in a quick sauté with thinly sliced basil at the end of cooking, quick pickle, shredded, baked goods, cut in 1/2 and oven baked with variety of fillings (ex. taco boats) Eggplant: very versatile vegetable; diced small or sliced on a mandolin; will absorb whatever flavors you would like to use; we like to add ours to stir-fry, curries, marinated and grilled, roasted; ratatouille, baba ghanoush, eggplant meatballs – see the directory for more ideas Garlic: has been drying to cure in the barn, add to salsa, everything you are cooking, roasted, added to quick pickles.

New Recipe: Photo below in the gallery. I made this this weekend for the first time. Loved it! It has a light dressing that is so yummy. As usual, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. I did not have micro greens and substituted with grape tomatoes, white wine vinegar –and forgot to add basil. You don’t have any this week anyway. Here is a link to the original This is a great site to find recipes

FARM EVENT: Can you dig it? The tops of the potato plants are dying back and that means they are ready to harvest. Please join us for this farm activity and help us get the job done quickly. Come get to get down and dirty with us! In return, take home some fresh dug potatoes, have a farm tour, a bite to eat featuring veggies from the farm and of course potatoes! Cooking will be provided by Bradley, Owner of Seneca Lake Brewing - The Beerocracy. We will also give you a ticket to go have a beverage on us at The Beerocracy afterwards. You can try a cask ale and enjoy a wonderful view after your hard work.
Please wear appropriate footwear, water bottle, sunscreen, bring garden gloves if you have them (we have some available). This is a learning/working event that will require bending and kneeling. Bring your energy.  

Please RSVP by text or email 
text 607-697-3197
email: (subject: Potato Harvest)
Saturday, August 21st
10 am - 1 pm

Some of you have asked — and Yes! We do still have a few more shares available in the CSA. If you have a friend or co-worker that would like to join. Send them to our website and have them complete a membership form.

Thank you for supporting our small farm!

Angus, Joseph, Marcus, Pearl, Joely, & Joe

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to email or text.

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