11/8/22-EXT Week #3

This week in your CSA Share:

Each item in the list is a direct link to the Vegetable Directory which has more details about storage and recipes. On each page, you will also find a link to a Pinterest Board for that vegetable.


Easy, Classic Roasted Root Vegetables

This week you can use 1/4 to 1/2 in diced Carrots & Beets (scrub no need to peel); peel & dice Celeriac & Rutabaga and red onion roasted with a bit of rosemary 425 for approx. 40 min

A few tips for roasting is to cut your pieces to similar sizes, use parchment and don’t overcrowd your sheet pan

Smashed Celeriac

Roasted Broccoli

Farm News:

The garlic is planted and tucked in for the winter. Our procedure is to break open the bulbs into individual cloves, place out for spacing , then push them into the soil. We, well actually just Joe, planted 4200 cloves and then covered it straw.

We used up last week’s veggies in a big stir-fry (broccoli stems, hakurei, mustard greens, bell pepper, daikon radish, and a whole Napa cabbage) and seitan “beef” with broccoli

T-Shirts – $20

I will have them with me at delivery this week. You can purchase one with cash or check. The sizes available are S,M,L, XL,XXL

Let us know if you would like one. ORDER FORM

CSA Membership Renewal

Our CSA Membership page has all of the details for the 2023 CSA. Including our delivery locations & times, 2023 Weekly & Bi-weekly Membership forms, Bi-weekly delivery schedule (Weeks A & B), and payment options.

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