November 5 – CSA Extension #1

CSA EXT#1 2019Week #1 – CSA Extension

Butternut Squash
White Daikon Radish
Collard Greens
Kennebec Potato
Green Tomato - surprise bonus
2019 Extension CSA (11/ 5 – 12/ 6 no delivery Thanksgiving week) 

Your CSA Extension share will help you keep you eating healthy through the winter.

QUICK TIPS – Check the vegetable directory and our Pinterest Board for ideas. Collard Greens-excellent cooking green and sturdy enough to make gluten-free wraps. Videos are on the directory. Butternut Squash – They will store quite well at room temp and if you do happen to notice a bad spot occur, it freezes great. Just peel, dice, freeze. This is a great timesaver for soup and roasting too. Did you know that if you are roasting in slices, chunks or halved that you do not need to peel it? Butternut squash skin is edible when roasted. Green Tomato – these are not the summer tomatoes that you may be used to. However, they are a treat. Try fried green tomato or a mini green tomato pie (similar recipe to apple but using the green tomato) Daikon Radish -yes, they did great this year! Full of health benefits and we are always trying to find you new recipes – spicy roasted fries; fried daikon cakes, au gratin, salads, and slaws- see directory page for recipes. Kennebec Potato – thin-skinned white potato, used for baking, mashing, roasting, fantastic for frying – fries, hashbrowns, potato skins, chips, and Hasselback potatoes. They also hold their shape when cooked for potato salads, curries, soups, and stews.  Stores well in a cool dry location out of sunlight.

CSA EXTENSION Delivery Schedule Changes – 

  • Tuesday – YMCA – 5:00- 5:30
  • Wednesday – Seneca Sunrise Coffee  12:00-6:00pm; Farm Sanctuary 12:30; Hammondsport 1:00
  • Friday – Sullivan Park 12:00-12:30; Erwin 12:35-12:45; Farm Pick Up 3:30-5:30

SAVE $25 until 3/1/20 – 2020 CSA SHARES $500 with full payment – Payment plans also available (no discount)

  • $25 Discount available until March 1st!     Please tell your friends to join!!!
  • We have set up the online store if you prefer to pay by credit card (fees apply)
  • 2020 Membership Form – now active online 
  • If you haven’t joined for 2020 yet, you can reserve your share with a deposit and set up a payment plan. Payment plans start in May. 

Thank you for supporting our small farm!!!

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