November 12 – CSA Extension #2

Week #2 CSA Extension 2019Week #2 – CSA Extension

Butternut Squash
Watermelon Radish
Kale / Chard Mix
Purple Top Turnip
2019 Extension CSA (11/ 5 – 12/ 6 no delivery Thanksgiving week) 

Your CSA Extension share will help you keep you eating healthy through the winter.

Butternut & Red Lentil Stew

QUICK TIPS – Take a look at our Pinterest Boards

We have set up boards for all vegetables.

Butternut Squash – We tried a new recipe!  Butternut Red Lentil Stew  (pictured at left) We didn’t have sweet potato and substituted Kennebec potato from last week. We also used collard greens and minced parsley. Substitute options are available (chickpea/lentil; greens-any) It was delicious and we have made 2 double batches since last week. We have this one on our Pinterest Board or you can follow the link above. Turnip – Can be used in raw salads, slaws, soups, boiled, roasted, sautees, stirfries. NEW recipe – Turnip Fries – healthy low carb option (vs. potato) and there is a link for vegan parm- super easy. They won’t be as crispy as regular fries. If any of you have an air-fryer please let me know if you test this one. Cabbage – soups, stirfry, slaw, sauerkraut, and roasted. Try cabbage steaks – so easy and yummy. Another quick option is Cabbage BBQ – Shred/slice fine in a mandoline – steam until tender in a pot with just a little water until tender, add your favorite BBQ sauce to taste and have “not-pulled pork” sandwiches on a favorite roll. Watermelon radish – roasted, stirfry, sautees, shredded, salads, slaw. This recipe for a quick raw salad has carrot, parsley, and watermelon radish. 

The weather has certainly taken a turn. Frigid temps this week but we have the garlic in the ground! We planted 3 beds of garlic this season (1 more than last year). The larger bulbs are broken up by hand into cloves then planted in the ground 12″ apart in 3 rows 9″ apart.  That is a total of approx. 3,000 cloves. We use a dibble to make a spot and cloves are planted point side up, covered with soil, and mulched with organic straw for the winter to help with frost heave damage and weed suppression. It is done! What a great feeling. This crop will be harvested in July 2020.


CSA EXTENSION Delivery Schedule-please note the changes 

  • Tuesday – YMCA – 5:00- 5:30
  • Wednesday – Seneca Sunrise Coffee  12:00-6:00pm; Farm Sanctuary 12:30; Hammondsport 1:00
  • Friday – Sullivan Park 12:00-12:30; Erwin 12:35-12:45; Farm Pick Up 3:30-5:30

SAVE $25 until 3/1/20 – 2020 CSA SHARES $500 with full payment – Payment plans also available (no discount)

  • $25 Discount available until March 1st!     Please tell your friends to join!!!
  • We have set up the online store if you prefer to pay by credit card (fees apply)
  • 2020 Membership Form – now active online 
  • If you haven’t joined for 2020 yet, you can reserve your share with a deposit and set up a payment plan. Payment plans start in May. 

Thank you for supporting our small farm!!!

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