November 13, 2018

Ext #2 Nov 13,  2018CSA Extension #2:  Nov. 13th – Nov. 16th

Turnip (purple top) 
Bok Choy  /Pak choy
Butternut Squash 
Daikon Radish

main field Nov 13, 2018

Our view this morning

The first dusting of snow has covered the field. This weekend we completed the planting of garlic for next season. The cloves are nestled deep in the soil and covered with a fresh blanket of organic straw.  Truth be told – Joe did it all himself. He finished planting the cloves with his headlamp on and the next day rolled out the giant round bales by hand. Yes, he is a bit sore. We still have a few other greens under row cover to give a little protection. Joe did manage to get most of the cover crop planted. We plant organic triticale as a cover crop. This will germinate and protect our soils from erosion over the winter then grow into a lush green cover in the spring that will get turned-in to add organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

Reminder: No delivery next week !  Happy Thanksgiving – We are looking forward to having the older boys home for a few days and spending some relaxing time with family.

Quick Tips:  Pepper – we are still harvesting from the hoop-house! This is probably the last- for real this time. Winter Squash -store room temp – excellent roasted, soup, can be used in place of sweet potato and pumpkin, quick breads, pies. Daikon Radish – roasted, pickled, shredded for slaw, fried cakes. Turnip – use as you would potato – roasted, soups, mashed and lovely shredded and braised with butter, cinnamon, and thin apple wedges. (my mom “doesn’t like” turnips but she did like this!)

A few of our favorite recipes:

Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Quick Bread

Daikon recipes from 10/2/18 – in case you missed them

see veg directory

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