November 6, 2018

img_0424CSA Extension #1:  Nov. 6th – Nov. 9th

Hakurei Salad Turnip (Scarlet) 
Napa Cabbage
Arugula / Lettuce Mix
CLICK on each vegetable for more details

Thank you for joining our 2018 CSA Extension !!

**2019 CSA Members – Did you complete your online membership form?

If you already made your payment either by check or credit card, please be sure to complete your online membership form for next season.

Please share our information with friends and co-workers that may be interested!

2019 Membership Details HERE.  – share size for 2019 based on small share of 2018
         if you joined the CSA Extension ~ $50 Discount for 2019 CSA extended to 12/7/18

Do you know anyone that would like to have CSA “workplace/home delivery” for the 2019 Season? If they have a group of 10 or more, have them contact us!

Quick Tips:  Kennebec potato are great for roasting, frying, and mashing. Give them a good scrub and leave the peels on. Napa Cabbage great to add to stir fry,  sauté , wraps, kimchi, soups, steamed, stuffed, – mild cabbage. Kohlrabi – great raw shredded for salads/slaws or crudités, roasted, mashed, soups (potato kohlrabi soup is one of our favorites)- peel first. Peppers- raw in salads, on pizza, sautes, roasted  (love that we are still getting these out of the hoophouse) not eating them this week – seed, slice, chop or dice and put them in the freezer to use later – no need to blanch- just freeze. Hakurei/Scarlet – mild salad turnip – raw shredded salads/slaws or crudités, roasted, sauté, stir fry, – burgers

see veg directory



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