April – Hello sunshine!

This weather has been a crazy ride so far…..

Farm News:

We have been busy starting seeds, repotting seedlings, farm clean-up, and repairs. The seedling hoophouse is filling up with trays and we are starting new seeds each week. The hoophouses needed some maintenance and we repaired the end walls with new plastic. The weather has cooperated a bit and Joe was able to get the tractor in the field to begin preparing the beds for planting. The cover-crop has to be incorporated into the soil to increase organic matter and improve soil structure. This takes a some time to break down before we can plant. We are hoping to get some plants in the ground over the next week. The garlic we planted last fall is growing through the straw mulch.

Seedlings that are spouting or growing now are: bok choy, swiss chard, onions, peppers, tomato, eggplant, scallions, parsley, celeriac, cucumber, basil, summer squash, leeks, kale, cabbage

Seed planted in the field: snow peas

Perennials: rhubarb

We have new kitties!!

Some of you have met Pearl our farm dog. She has new buddies. Meet Dove, Ash & Pearl, and Mr. Biggs. They have grown quite a bit since our Gratitude Gathering in the fall. Some of you met them then.

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Have you seen the new handbook? Take a look before deliveries start.

2023 CSA Member Handbook

The new handbook is ready to read on the website and download. You can always find it in the menu of the website or follow this direct link. We expect that all members will read through this handbook since it contains a lot of details and information about the CSA that will help you get the most out of your membership.

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