3/13/23 March on the Farm

We are starting the seeds that will grow into delicious and nutritious veggies to fill your bellies. There are a few more weeks of cold and snow to get through, but we know the warm sunshine is coming.

2023 CSA Member Handbook

The new handbook is ready to read on the website and download. You can always find it in the menu of the website or follow this direct link. We expect that all members will read through this handbook since it contains a lot of details and information about the CSA that will help you get the most out of your membership.

Big News:

The new high tunnel is built!! The new high tunnel is 3000 sqft. That’s more growing space than our house. This season we will grow tomatoes in there and they will love it.

Planning and Starting Seeds

We start our own transplants in the smallest hoop house. On some days, it is much warmer inside it than in our house. When there aren’t too many clouds, we can work out there in t-shirts and feel the warm sun on our faces. It always feels so great to get our hands back into the soil.

It begins…..the first seeds are started. After they sprout and grow a bit, they will be repotted before transplanting into the field, hoop house, or high tunnel.

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