August 6th – Week #8

Week #8 2019

Week #8 – AUG 6th-AUG 9th

Beans (Green & Yellow)
Fresh Garlic
Bell Pepper
Potato - Yukon Gold
Jalapeno Hot Pepper
Summer Squash (yellow,zucchini,and or kusa)
Onion (Gladstone - White)
Tomato Heirloom, Slicers, Roma, Cherry, and/or Grape

QUICK TIPS:  Be sure to take a look at the links for each veggie above. They take you to the vegetable directory.

Ideas for the week – This is a great week for tomato sandwiches, Salsa, and Cucumber & Tomato salad. Don’t like raw tomato?… Chop them up and cook down with your summer squash and beans. One-pot cooking? You could cook some onion, garlic, tomato, pepper, squash, beans, and tomato together and have a dish for the week. What the heck..toss the kale in too. Yes, you can eat the stems just add them first when you are cooking the sturdier veggies and add the greens just at the end to lightly wilt. They will turn bright green and you know that they are done. PS-don’t overcook your greens. Your Garlic and Onions are uncured. They are fresh. Keep ventilated and don’t store your onions with your potato. You can use the tops of your onions as you would green onions for a bit of flavor to your dishes. Beans – maintain moisture but don’t let them get soggy – add a paper towel to your bag if you keep them in the one they go home in. Blanch for longer storage and then they are ready to pop into your mouth or another dish for dinner. 

FARM UPDATE – It is official! This was the hottest July on record not just for our area but the entire planet. Hello August!! We had some drainage work done with ditching and tile pipe in June. Over the past few years, we have started to have issues with our new weather patterns. It seems that when it rains it pours. We received 2″ of rain and jelly bean size hail in 45 minutes last Tuesday. It certainly wasn’t a record but it definitely was a lot of rain in a short amount of time. We had a large portion of the south side of our growing fields worked on. This part of the field is out of commission for this season due to the work that had to be done and the future plans are more cold frame hoop houses like we use for the heirloom tomatoes and some peppers. These structures allow us to have a bit more control with extreme weather. They can protect the plants from excessive downpours and cold temps during the summer months. During the cooler part of the seasons, we can keep it a bit warmer and protected from sudden drops in nighttime low temps. It is our hope that this side field will be suitable for new hoop houses since it is one of the flatter parts of our farm.

After the 2″ of rain!

Do you have a favorite recipe??  – Share it with us and we will add it to our “Member Approved” recipes on the Vegetable Directory

Veggie Notes:  We do give your veggies a rinse at the farm – however, we do recommend a second wash at home as necessary.  Decisions on rinsing are made at the time of harvest and the effect it will have on your produce. Some items just store better unwashed. We do not use pesticides; therefore, it is possible that you find inhabitants in your produce. We try to restrict our plastic usage. The bags that you receive are recyclable at grocery store drop-offs.


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