August 13th – Week #9


Week #9 – AUG 13th-AUG 16th

Beans (Green & Yellow)
Bell Pepper & Mini Sweet Pepper
Chinese Pink Celery
Jalapeno Hot Pepper
Summer Squash  (yellow,zucchini,and or kusa)
Tomato Heirloom, Slicers, and/or Roma

QUICK TIPS:  Be sure to take a look at the links for each veggie above. They take you to the vegetable directory.

Ideas for the week – Eggplant – please watch your fingers on the spiny stems. Eggplant is great on the grill, roasted, stirfy – will take on any flavor that you give it. There are several ideas on Pinterest board or Eggplant  in the Vegetable directory. Baba Ganoush, Stir fry, Grill, Roasted, Eggplant Caponata, “meat”balls, etc. so many choices. Find one that you like.

Chinese Pink Celery — NEW this season– not on the directory yet. It is different from regular celery. It is not eaten raw and should be cooked. It has stronger flavor and is more fibrous than standard celery. Both the leaves and stalks may be used. The stems are thinner and hollow inside. Best used in stir fry , braising, and soups. I did start a Pinterest board today take a look here .       I couldn’t find a lot of information online about it but have links to what I did find. This is new for us too.

Recipe Links –

Stir Fry Chinese Celery     (this one has pictures too)

Stir Fried Chinese Celery with Pork

Additional information about Chinese Celery 

Do you have a favorite recipe??  – Share it with us and we will add it to our “Member Approved” recipes on the Vegetable Directory

Veggie Notes:  We do give your veggies a rinse at the farm – however, we do recommend a second wash at home as necessary.  Decisions on rinsing are made at the time of harvest and the effect it will have on your produce. Some items just store better unwashed. We do not use pesticides; therefore, it is possible that you find inhabitants in your produce. We try to restrict our plastic usage. The bags that you receive are recyclable at grocery store drop-offs.

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