CSA Shares – Start Today!!

Week #1 – June 12th – June 15th



Baby Lettuce & Spinach Mix
Asian Greens Mix - Mustard & Bok Choy
Baby Kale bunch- Red Russian
Bok Choy
Lettuce Heads

Quick Tips :  You will find recipes and inspiration in the vegetable directory and links on each veggie.

Rhubarb is not just for pie check out our feature recipe of the week RHUBARB BARS – it is a family favorite!  If you attended the spring open house last season – you have tried them.

The season starts off with a variety of greens. Here are a few tips if you are not familiar with the items in your share this week – all of the greens this week can be eaten raw in salads or cooked. When cooking greens, do not over cook. You want them to just lightly wilt. They will get a brighter green. Arugula – peppery/spicy ; Mustard -spicy – do not put these in your green smoothies; if you are not fond of spicy – cook them the spiciness fades – same goes for radish – they go great in a stir-fry; kale – eat those stems – these are baby and quite tender. You may wish to add stems a few minutes before the greens – we ate some yesterday at lunch and tossed them on top of leftover rice pasta. Pretty yummy -compliment any of the cooked greens with rice, quinoa, pasta, etc ; any greens can be turned into pesto – yes even the radish tops



NOTE: If your share is delivered in a crop box – it needs to be returned weekly and only used for your veggies. If you forget your box you will need to take your share home in paper bag. I always have some on hand. We do clean veggies at the farm – however we do recommend a second wash at home as necessary


We had a 3 week delay getting started this year due to weather. We were able to get into the field on May 1st and we haven’t stopped running. The weather has cooperated for the most part since. Except for the flash flooding on June 1st. Thankfully, we had some drainage put in during April (yes it was snowing that day) and the flash flood did not leave standing water. Over the past few seasons we have had some drainage issues with a few spots in the field. It turns out there was old clay pipe that collapsed. The problem is hopefully solved. It was put to the test during the flash flood and we did have some soil erosion and crop loss – but limited. We have more photos in the 2018 season you can find in the top menu



Flash Flood



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