CSA Extension Share – Week #5

CSA Extension Week #5 - December 5th - December 8th


Be sure to take a look at the Vegetable Directory for pictures, tips, recipes, and inspiration. Click on each vegetable for details.

Not sure what to do with something – Look at the Vegetable Directory for pictures and links to information on each vegetable.

Butternut Squash
Daikon Radish **
Kennebec Potato
Kale Mix w/handful of swiss chard
Sweet Potato **


Farm News and Happenings

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**Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds – this is very easy and quick, our favorite way to eat these little sweet potatoes – see Sweet Potato  in Vegetable Directory

** Daikon au Gratin – too many daikon radish in your fridge? tested a new receipe – kid approved.. hope you like it too — you have enough in your share this week alone. Please see Daikon Radish in Vegetable Directory

Kennebec Potato – widely used for the dual culinary purposes of producing potato chips and French fries. Kennebec potatoes are a universal potato. They can be baked, mashed, roasted, or made into scalloped potatoes; thin skins -no need to peel.

Weekly Cooking Tips:  Kohlrabi  & Celeriac can be boiled and mashed with your potatoes – you can also add finely chopped parsley if you don’t use it all in your Daikon au Gratin — we also usually add a few cloves of garlic to our boiling pot too for garlic mashed potato


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