Sneak Peek This Weekend!

Flooding field

Sneak Peek!


June is almost here!
Well, we were off to a late start due to our frigid winter. We seem to be on track now and have been busily planting and preparing the fields. This weekend will start off a frenzy of transplanting in to the field. It seems that the weather has finally taken a turn and we are safe to transplant out without the worry of below 40 degree nights. We have had cold, hot, and wet weather. Some of you have contacted us to check on the flooding in the area. Yes, we did have a river flowing through our field. The flooding only lasted a few hours and it did drain.
We are using row covers to protect plants from flea beetle damage and biodegradable mulch to help with weed pressure.
The peas look great with all of this rain and sunshine. We also have some great beds of spinach and lettuce growing quickly. The rhubarb bed is booming. We can really see the garlic too. All of the potatoes have been planted and we should receive the sweet potato slips in the next few weeks.
The flock of laying hens have been moved to the big pasture and are loving the grasses, clover, worms and bugs.


MEMBER DAY  Saturday, May 24th    TIME: 12-2pm
You are welcome to come to the farm. Stop by and visit us, take a walk around the growing field, see the laying hens, seedling house, tomato & pepper hoop houses, ask us questions about our growing practices, and meet other CSA members.
Appropriate footwear recommended – expect mud, wet grass, walking


We will have member days every 3rd Saturday of the month this season.
If you have any questions or concerns before the CSA starts please feel free to call or email.
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