June 2014

Our very own honey.....can't wait
Our very own honey…..can’t wait

Very excited to have our own pollinators!

CSA Shares start this week!


Interesting! What a lot of heat & rain we have had. All of our scheduled plantings are in and now it is up to the weather. We have had some soil erosion from the excessive downpours. Some of our spring plantings have not been so thrilled with the heat we have had lately either. We have been irrigating on dry days, hoping for sun on soggy days and crops are holding up ok. With the rain comes the WEEDS!  We are ready and staying on top of them so far. Definitely glad we are using biodegradable mulch to help with the weed pressure on some plants. The two of us wouldn’t have time to hand weed everything. We have been using a lot of row covers this spring to protect our plantings from flea beetles. They love it when it is hot and they like to put tiny little holes in the greens. Surely you will see some in your radish and turnip tops this week, and this is with the covers on. Without the covers, the plants are devoured. Which is what happened to our first planting of Arugula, Turnips, Radish, Broccoli Raab and Mustard Greens.
We are starting all seedling for the fall plantings that will be transplanted in July.
Our certified organic flock of laying hens have been moved to the pasture for the summer and eggs are available at CSA pick up for $5/dozen. Pasture raised hens lay more nutritious eggs and ours have certified organic feed as well as what they find in the pasture. You can order eggs by email so we can be sure to have them for you at your CSA pick up.
Here are the numbers for you:
Save the Date – Next member day Saturday, June 21st – 12-1pm
The first day of Summer! Stop by and visit us and take a walk around the fields to see what is going on around here.


Please remember to bring your own bag to pick up your CSA share
Boxed pick up – please return your flattened clean boxes.
We are updating our pictures link on this blog all the time you can check out the album for this season.
There is still space available so spread the word with your friends and family. Sign up forms are available to download from our website www.EverGreenFarmOnline.com .
Pick up locations: Geneva (Farmers Market & YMCA), Corning (Gang Mills & Arthur St, Diesel), and on the farm.
Visit our listing at www.localharvest.org and leave a review.
We can now accept credit/debit cards online at two locations or on the farm
or at our Square Directory Store – https://squareup.com/market/ever-green-farm
If you haven’t already please like our Facebook page and add it to your newsfeed.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email.
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