Week #2

What you will find in your share this week:
 Baby Lettuce Mix
 Lettuce Head 
 Flat Leaf Italian Parsley
What you may find in your share this week:
 Spring Turnip
 Spring Greens Mix - mix of baby kale, beet greens, swiss chard
 Mustard Greens Mix
 Broccoli Raab
  • Please keep in mind that items in the small and large share are different as well as different quantities.
  • We will always wash your produce before delivering it to you. You may find that you still need to do a little washing at home.
  • Storage of you produce is most important. Most items will last all week if not more with proper storage. Maintaining the proper moisture content is important.


Radish & Turnip & Greens & Rhubarb & Cilantro – see newsletter week#1

Cooking Greens – when cooking most greens you really just want to wilt lightly and not overcook to mush; sauté with garlic and olive oil with salt and pepper to taste

Radish – Vitamin C – can be eaten raw or cooked – if you don’t like the spiciness of radishes – when cooked they keep the crunch and loose the spiciness; add with other sautéed veggies; slice or chop and add to salads ; you can even cook the greens

Spring Salad Turnips – can be eaten as a radish ; crunchy & peppery; raw or cooked-sliced and sautéed

Parsley – excellent source of Vitamin A, B, K and more C than most citrus; minerals too; immune booster; chop and add to salads, soups, vegetable dishes; can use stems and leaves; storage basically same as cilantro last week trim stems keep in glass of water in the fridge; can be frozen for use later or dried

Broccoli Raab (“Rob” ) – excellent source of vitamins A, C, B, & K ; dietary fiber; protein & minerals; considered a bitter cooking green; should be boiled before sauté  – see recipe pages

Peas have blossoms — we should have peas in a few weeks !  Snow peas should be first








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