BASIL   Storage:  Zip lock bag on the counter out of direct sunlight. If refrigerated may become blackened. Does not store well in the fridge. Wash before use. Use within a day or two.

Larger stems can be stored upright in a jar/glass of water out of the sunlight on the counter.

Freeze: Wash, dry and slice/chop and cover pack in ice cube tray cover with olive oil or melted butter. Freeze then remove and place in freezer bag or container for later use

(Freezing herbs)

Best Uses: Pizza, Salads, Sides, Eggs, infused oil, pasta, sauce


Pinterest – Basil Board

How to Chiffonade Basil

Creamy Basil Dip
Quick & Easy - recommended by Donna G. - a fellow CSA member 

1 C drained white beans
1 C packed fresh basil
1/4 C Italian dressing
1 Tbsp lemon juice
Blend until smooth.  Serve with veggie sticks



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