CSA  2022


If you haven’t done it yet…It’s time to join for the season. 
The first seeds of the season have been started. The sunshine is returning and the excitement is building. We had a few teaser days of warm sunshine to remind us that warmer weather is on its way. The fall-planted garlic is peaking through the straw mulch and the rhubarb is reaching its leaves upward toward the sunshine. Our supplies have been purchased and are on hand at the farm. We have several projects around the farm to keep us busy in these early months of the growing season.

The first CSA shares are scheduled to be delivered in just a few months! The deliveries will begin Tuesday, June 7th, and continue through the end of October.

We are adding a new option this season! We will offer a limited number of bi-weekly CSA shares. You must get on the waiting list before we can confirm your delivery location. If you are curious about this new option please read about it in the CSA Membership Details.

One of our early spring projects

We changed the plastic on our seed starting hoop house. This is where we start all of our transplants. We begin in early March and keep starting seeds all season. This is the spot where a lot of magic happens. It was in need of repair and we had a warm calm day during the first week of March that cooperated. This is the type of project that needs to be completed all at once. The old plastic must be removed, decayed wood must be replaced, and a new large sheet and wind straps are attached. It went quite smooth and the air was calm. A bit of a breeze can make this task very challenging. The seed house is now up and running. The new plastic is helping us maintain warm temperatures for all of the babies in there.

Signs of spring!

See you in June! Thank you for allowing us to feed you – Joely & Joe
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