September 17 – Week #14

Week #14 2019

Week #14 – September 17th – September 20th

Sweet Corn
Collard Greens
Leeks-no page-see notes below
Broccoli- not pictured - oops!
Bell Pepper & Mini Sweet, Jalapeno
Tomato Heirloom/Hoophouse

QUICK TIPS:  Be sure to take a look at the links for each veggie above. They take you to the vegetable directory.

Ideas for the week –  Sweet Corn – This is from the final planting of corn.  Everyone gets 8 ears this week. After this week’s harvest, we will harvest the rest to see what is left. We have had a problem with very ambitious raccoons that have decided that our sweet corn is the best. If you don’t want to eat all of your corn this week, blanch your ears and cut off the cob to freeze. If you have a grill, you can grill in the husk. After it is cooked you can cut from the cob to add to other meals like tacos, chili, salads, or soup. Broccoli – We did give it a soak at the farm, however, please be aware that little cabbage worms do like to hide in the crevices. Soak in saltwater  (Method #3)  to help remove any remaining – just keep an eye out. Leeks-  Finally! Relative of garlic and onions with similar health benefits and use. Leeks can be grilled, sauteed, fried, roasted, braised and steamed. Wrapped lightly in refrigeration they should keep for a week or two. Tougher green tops are not eaten but can be used to flavor soups, stocks, and potatoes when boiling. Sample Recipe – Potato Leek Soup. Cleaning tips for leeks video/photos #1  or #2    Collard Greens – new to collard greens here is a great video with health benefits, storage, and usage Collard Greens 101    Collards are great sauteed, in soups, salads and yes even as a gluten-free wrap. Video Sample #1  or stem in #2


Some of you have started to ask when the CSA ends. Our regular season is 20 weeks and ends the last week of October. This year the final week is October 29 – November 1st. 

FALL OPEN HOUSE – Yes, save the date!  We plan to have our Annual Fall Open House on Saturday, October 19th from 1pm-4pm. We will prepare some seasonal dishes, tour around the farm, and you can receive a $50 discount when you join and pay in full for next season. Watch for more details as we get closer.

We have set up the online store if you prefer to pay by credit card (fees apply)

Extension CSA Share – 4 weeks – join now!!

Ext #2 Nov 13,  2018

Keep the goodness going!!  2019 Extension CSA Share – an additional 4 weeks.  This year the dates are November 5th through December 6th. There will be no delivery during the week of Thanksgiving. The Extension begins as soon as the regular season ends. Veggies that we plan to have included in the Extension Share are garlic, purple top & hakurei turnip, radish (watermelon, white and purple daikon), cabbage, butternut squash, potato, onion, carrots, celeriac, kale, arugula, mustard greens, swiss chard, lettuce, and parsley. The Extension cost is $150 and can be paid by check, cash, or credit card (fees apply). Here is a link to the online store. This extension share is open to 50 current CSA members only –so join early.  If you have completed your membership form for this season there is no form to fill out just send us a text or email that you wish to be included. You will receive a confirmation when payment is made. It is going to be great.  Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

Fields in the fall – This is the time of the season when we are cleaning out the plots that no longer are growing veggies for the season and getting ready to plant cover crops to continue to improve our soil for the next growing season. Joe has been busy plowing and tilling the areas that we had drainage tile pipe buried in the spring.  We also plant a cover crop of mustard before and after our garlic crop. This helps with the reduction of in-soil pests such as bloat nematodes and is said to improve the flavor of the garlic. We have some growing now. We will plant garlic in October that we will harvest next season. We are slowly rebuilding our seed stock. We grow German Red garlic. 



Do you have a favorite recipe??  – Share it with us and we will add it to our “Member Approved” recipes on the Vegetable Directory

Veggie Notes:  We do give your veggies a rinse at the farm – however, we do recommend a second wash at home as necessary.  Decisions on rinsing are made at the time of harvest and the effect it will have on your produce. Some items just store better unwashed. We do not use pesticides; therefore, it is possible that you find inhabitants in your produce. We try to restrict our plastic usage. The bags that you receive are recyclable at grocery store drop-offs.

Thank you for supporting our small farm!!!

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