August 28, 2018

Week #12–August 28th-August 31st

Tomato - Mix (heirloom,grape,plum,field)
Bell Pepper, Frying Pepper, Mini Sweet/Jalapeno
Swiss Chard
Potato - Yukon Gold or Red Norland
Sweet Corn
NOTE: Quantities and variety may vary between large and small share
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See vegetable directory for further details…………..Enjoy your week!

What a tremendous amount rainfall we had on the farm in the past few weeks.  Due to the saturated fields we will no longer have summer squash or cucumbers. We are still watching to see what other crops have been impacted. Some crops have been reseeded as soon as we could get the tractor back into the field to rework the soil. The sun is shining and the fields are drying out. Now for the past few days we have had excessive heat and looks like the weather for the week. Unfortunately, some of the damage has already been done. As usual, we will do our very best to supply you with weekly seasonal vegetables.

**Special NOTE**  We have become aware that there are issues with the delicata squash crop this season.  We are noticing that some of the squash may have become waterlogged and is not storing and is decomposing very quickly.  We did our best to send home squash last week that was not showing any signs we were familiar with. However, please keep an eye on it as it may not last. We were expecting a bumper crop this season as we planted more and the plants looked amazing before all of that rain. We didn’t want to compost the whole crop since it is a favorite of so many members. Sorry if you got a bad one.

Quick Tips:  Peppers can be seeded, cut and frozen for use later – no need to blanch – just cut how you would like to use them later.



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