Spring 2018

We are looking forward to some sunshine and warmer temperatures. The seedling hoophouse is filling up with trays of sprouting and repotted seedlings. We started our first seeds the 2nd week of March. Our heater has been working great and keeping the temperature comfortable for all those little plants. On the coldest of nights it can get down in the high 40’s, but when the sun shines it can quickly reach over 100. We regulate the fluctuations during the day by running fans, opening and closing the door as needed. We do not have automatic venting or fans. This can be very difficult on days when the sun is in and out of the clouds and the temps are low outside.

Seeds started so far: onions, leeks, scallions, peppers, tomatoes, swiss chard, lettuce, bok choy, celeriac, parsley, eggplant, watermelon, and summer squash.


We have updated our website and hope that it will be more mobile and user friendly for everyone. As always, the vegetable directory and recipes will get updated with new information throughout the season.

Over the winter, we lost a valuable crew member at our farm. Those of you that pick up your CSA shares on the farm have met Crystal. She was one of the older girls here and her lifetime pleasure was protecting our veggies from deer, woodchuck, and rabbits. When we had poultry here on the farm she was our hawk watcher. She is missed here and our other girls, Maxine and Pearl, are on the job.

In Loving Memory


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