Week #9 – August – Tomatillos this week

New item of the week-Tomatillo
New item of the week-Tomatillo

Member day at the farm is August 15th – Stop by the farm between 1-3pm and take a walk around the fields. We would love to see you! See where and how all of your delicious organic veggies are grown. Do you know anyone who is interested in joining a CSA? Bring them along with you.

Harvest Possibilities for Week#9:Tomatillo; Summer Squash (Yellow, Zucchini, Patty Pan, Kusa); Cucumber; Peppers (Bell, Frying, Roasting, Hot); Eggplant (Japanese, Small Italian); Fresh Onions (Red, Yellow); Basil; Beans (Yellow, Green, Haricot Vert); Flat Leaf Parsley; Tomato (Heirloom, Cherry, Field grown-Bellstar, Field Cherry Mix); Garlic

Items and quantity varies between large and small shares and harvest decisions are made daily.

The tomatoes grown in the field have started to ripen – Cherry mix and all purpose Bellstar. The first few harvests are small….be patient. You will see them in your share – just not everyone during the same week at first.

Tomatillo– salsa verde recipe – this recipe includes raw or roasted version. There are many variations out there and you can alter for your taste more or less hot pepper and parsley can be used intstead of cilanto (although not authentic). Can also use some garlic if you don’t have onion. I made roasted salsa verde last year – easy and delicious


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