July 1st ~ The summer heat is on!

Hello CSA Members!

Pickin in the Rain
Pickin’ in the Rain!


We sure have had our share of rain! Now comes the heat!
The perfect storm for WEEDS!  Doing our best to stay on top of the weeding, harvesting, repotting, transplanting, etc.
The seedlings growing in the seedling hoop house now are the next planting of fall crops:
broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, collards, chard, cabbage (napa & red), cauliflower, radicchio, lettuces. They should be transplanted out to the field in the coming weeks.
We lost some potato plants due to soggy field conditions and now we are battling potato beetles. Lots of hand picking & “squishing”. Talk to the kids- they love it.  You will be happy to know that you will always receive chemical free (no fungicide, pesticide, or herbicide) potatoes from our farm.
Beans have flowers and should be ready soon. Shelling peas coming soon too. Eggplants and tomato plants are looking great with green tomatoes.


Save the Date – The next member day Saturday, July 19th, 12-2pm. Nothing fancy just stop by and take a walk around to see how and where your veggies you get every week are grown.


If you receive a boxed share, we gladly take your clean boxes back to be reused.
Be sure to check back every week for your newsletter and new recipes. The newsletter is generally up by Tuesday afternoon.
We are always adding new pictures too!
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email.
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