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6/21/22 – CSA Week #3


This week in your CSA Share:

Each item in the list is a direct link to the Vegetable Directory that has more details about storage and recipes. On each page you will also find a link to a Pinterest Board for that vegetable. **Featured in this week’s custom recipes

You’re Invited!! Please join us at the farm and bring your friends.

Google map directions HERE

Quick Tips & Ideas:

Basil: cold sensitive, may turn black if too cold in fridge; use promptly Swiss Chard: Similar to spinach with more flavor; can be eaten raw or cooked; remove stem and use as a wrap; you can eat the stems too! Hakurei Turnip: these are a mild turnip and be eaten cooked or raw and are actually great in salad shredded, sliced, diced or for dipping in hummus; roots will last for weeks with proper storage Radish: they will store for weeks in the fridge in a bag or container with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture; you can also store a few in a bowl of water to keep extra cool and crispy (just be sure to change the water daily); typically eaten raw on salads and sandwiches; can be cooked and they lose the spiciness; Asian Greens MixWASH AT HOME this week it is Vivid Choi Pac Choy (pink), Yukina Savoy (green), and/or white stem pac choy; can be eaten raw or cooked;

Weekly Recipes: KP Holistic Chef – Katie Peterson will create 2 custom recipes a week to compliment your CSA share. You will receive printed copies of the weekly recipes. They are in a sheet protector. Your notebooks are on order and should arrive soon!! The recipes are always listed on her website too @KPholisticchef

Something Saturdays:

It was cool and rainy! We had an enthusiastic bunch with us to weed the parsley and the hoophouse peppers. Thank you Jay, Patrick, Theresa & family.

Farm Events: Google map directions HERE

Something Saturdays: Come be a farmer with us on Saturday mornings from 9-12 during the season. Gain a greater sense of community from working together and connect with the land your food is grown on. Relieve stress and get some sunshine. You can work along side us in the field with whatever task we have for the morning. It could be transplanting, weeding, or harvesting. We will supply the gloves and tools.

If you attend 3 or more working events during the season you will earn an Ever Green Farm CSA t-shirt. T-shirts will be distributed at the Gratitude Gathering in October. You must sign up in advance to attend. See you in the field! We are not sure what is planned for next Saturday. When we know, you will get an email.

Available Dates: 7/23, 7/30, 8/13, 8/27, 9/3, 9/10, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8


Social Media :

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM tag us in your photos: @egfcsa @KPholisticchef

We have a new Facebook Page. We will continue to post on both pages for a while as we transition to using just one. Please like and follow our new page

We have also added a new private Facebook Group. We are up to 16 members!! We would like this to be a place where we can all share general cooking and preservation tips, CSA related ideas, recipes, and photos of our culinary creations made with our CSA veggies. It is set up so you can post anonymously if preferred. You can request to be added at the link below.


This season’s produce is brought to you by this crew. We are a small family farm and grow 4-7 acres of over 40 varieties of vegetables. This bunch works hard to get your veggies to you every week.

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