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Mustard Greens

Storage Store in plastic bag or mesh greens bag to maintain moisture; however, be aware of too much moisture add paper towel to absorb excess. Rejuvenate greens with a cold water soak in the fridge.


Best Uses:  These are spicy when raw! Salads, egg dishes, sautes, stirfry

1 pound mustard greens = 6-7 Cups leaves = 1 1/2 Cups Cooked

On the farm we cut up and add to a salad to zip it up a bit or add to vegetable sautes just a the end; they cook quickly – you want just wilted but still bright green. After they are cooked the spiciness is reduced.


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HOW WE GROW IT: This plant is direct seeded with a walk behind seeder. We cover with row covers to protect from insect and deer damage. Individual plants are cut by hand.

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