Week #9

Harvest possibilities for this week - August 4th - Week #9

The farm makes daily decisions for the share based on weather, harvest, etc.
large share and small share items may differ

Beans - Mix of yellow, green, purple; Haricot Vert - French filet green bean
Fresh Garlic
Potato - Purple Majesty or Fingerling (do not need peeling)
Peppers Hot - Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper/ Jalapeno/ Serrano
Eggplant - White / Black / Japanese 
(all varieties stay delicate; do not require peeling)
Peppers - Bell / Italian Frying
Tomato - Sunkist (solid orange)
         Bellstar - plum tomato great for sauce, processing or 
                    slicing for fresh eating
Heirloom Tomato - Purple Prudence / Cherokee Purple / Rose / 
                  Black Prince / Striped German 
Cherry Tomato - Washington Cherry or Mixed
Shiso - Japanese Basil
Fresh Onion
Summer Squash

Storage & Cooking Tips :

Tomato – Store on the counter – allow to ripen at home – heirloom and cherry

Potato – Store on the counter – keep away from light – paper bag works well

Beets – with greens attached will keep in a loosely sealed plastic bag for several days in the fridge. If you remove greens (store separately if you would like to eat those also) you can prolong the shelf life of the roots for a several more weeks. Greens can be cooked like swiss chard or spinach – added to sautés and fritattas

Best cooking method for beets is roasting – concentrates flavor and makes texture firmer and creamier – skin rubs off almost effortlessly.

Can also be boiled or steamed -skins removed easily after

After cooking beets and be dressed as a salad or diced/sliced and added to sautés

Can be peeled and shredded and eaten raw, added to salads, or sautéed

Be aware beets can stain fingers and utensils

cucumber and tomato cold salad….. cut up tomato and cucumber mix together in a bowl with an Italian vinaigrette or season yourself with vinegar and oil and salt and pepper. Store in the fridge – Refreshing on a hot day. You could even add other things like peppers, garlic, onion,  herbs…

Look for other tips in our past newsletters – you can also use the search feature on the site




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