Week #7

Harvest possibilities for this week - July 21 - Week #7
The farm makes daily decisions for the share based on weather, harvest, etc.
large share and small share items may differ

Beans - Mix of yellow, green, purple; French filet bean purple or green
Baby Lettuce Mix
Lettuce Heads - Green Romaine, Mini Romaine, Green and Red Leaf
Fresh Garlic
Herbs - Basil, Dill, Lemon Balm, Thyme, 
Potato - Purple Majesty 
Hot Peppers - Hungarian Hot Wax (slender light green/yellow), Serrano, Jalapeno
Bell Peppers
Biscayne - Long Green Italian
Heirloom Tomato
Cherry Tomato
Eggplant - Japanese Ping Tung (purple), Italian (smaller variety)
Summer Squash

Storage & Cooking Tips :

Beans – store in the fridge;  retain moisture;  raw, cold salads, steamed, boiled, sautéed;

Spoiler Alert: purple beans turn green when you cook them

Purple Majesty Potato – no need to peel; new potatoes – harvested before the plant dies back ; high in antioxidants – anthocyanin;  boiled, mashed, or roasted;

Fresh Garlic – harvested for fresh use, not dried ; store room temp on the counter

Eggplant – small and delicate no need to peel- storage 50-55 degrees / Sauté , grill,


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