Week #5

Harvest possibilities for this week - #5

Sugar Snap Peas
Shelling Peas
Baby Lettuce Mix
Lettuce Heads - Green Romaine, Freckles Romaine, Green Leaf
Fresh Garlic
Herbs - Summer Savory, Majoram, Mint, Lemon Balm, Fennel Leaf, Shisho,
Baby Kale
Red Norland Potato
Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

Storage & Cooking Tips :

Basil – wash your basil at home when you are ready to use it this week; can be refrigerated but doesn’t like to be too cold

Sugar Snap Peas  & Shelling Peas – refrigerated in a loosely sealed plastic bag;

Snap peas – grasp the stem pull down toward the other tip along the “seam” this will remove strings down the seam; pod is edible and should be blanched before cooking – see previous newsletters

Shelling peas – pods are not edible; remove peas from pod before cooking; best boiled and buttered, braised, or used in soups and stews

Red Norland Potato – no need to peel; new potatoes – harvested before the plant dies back –  boiled, mashed, or roasted

Fresh Garlic – harvested for fresh use, not dried ; store room temp on the counter


Look for other tips in our past newsletters – you can also use the search feature on the site




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