Week #17

Harvest possibilities for this week - September 29th - Week #17
The farm makes daily decisions for the share based on weather, harvest, etc.
large share and small share items may differ 

New this week:
Green Cabbage
Celeriac Root
Potato - Butterball Potato
Radish - Watermelon, Daikon

Kale - Red Russian, Siberian, Dinosaur (Lacinato)
Bok Choy - Prize Choy
Lettuce - Romaine
Limited amounts - Summer Squash, Cucumber

Tips and Ideas – links included

Tomatillo –  information storage and recipes ; salsa verde – several variations find one that suits your taste boiledroasted or raw

Celeriac – info – must be peeled; soups, stews, roasted, raw shredded; tops can be used to flavor soups – sparingly stronger than regular celery; store tops and root separately for longer storage

Green Cabbage – info – salads, slaw, stir-fry, soups

Bok Choy – info – sauté, boil, steam, raw, stir-fry

Watermelon Radish – salads, raw, roasted, pickled, stir-fry ; store tops separately for storage, greens can be used like other cooking greens (kale, chard, mustard ,etc.)

Daikon Radish – slaw, salad, roasted, boiled, steamed, raw, stir-fry

Culinary adventures this week – enjoy!

Look for  tips in our past newsletters – you can also use the search feature on the site




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