Week #13

Harvest possibilities for this week - September 1st - Week #13

The farm makes daily decisions for the share based on weather, harvest, etc.
large share and small share items may differ

Bok Choy
Scarlet Queen Turnips with Greens
Radish - Pink Beauty, Rudolf
Beans - Green Provider, Haricot Vert, Gold Rush Yellow Wax
Peppers - Bell, Mini Sweet, Sweet 
Peppers - Hot - Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper/ Jalapeno/ Serrano
Sweet Corn
Potato - Purple Majesty, Mountain Rose, Fingerling
Tomato - Bellstar - plum tomato 
Heirloom Tomato - Purple Prudence / Cherokee Purple / Rose / 
                  Black Prince / Striped German/Green Zebra

Storage & Cooking Tips :

Bok Choy – Store in the fridge, retain moisture / stir fry or sauté , stems first, leaves last

Radish – can also eat the greens, if not using right away store separately, radish can be eaten raw or cooked, radish will keep the crunch and lose the spicy heat when cooked – steam or sauté, radish will store for quite a while if stored properly

Turnips & greens – Store in the fridge, if not using right away store roots and greens separately, retain moisture – turnip : mild and crunchy – raw, braised, pickled, fried, grilled, roasted / greens can be eaten raw or cooked

Tomatillo – Store room temperature / can be eaten raw or cooked; known for salsa verde

Sweet Corn – Eat as soon as possible for best sweetness / we like to grill in the husk – it’s great that way and the silks come right off.

Look for other tips in our past newsletters – you can also use the search feature on the site




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