Week #1

What you will find in your share this week:
Baby Lettuce Mix
Spring Turnips 

What you may find in your share this week:
 Head Lettuce
 Spring Greens Mix - mix of baby kale, beet greens, swiss chard
 Mustard Greens Mix

Please keep in mind that items in the small and large share are different as well as different quantities.

We will always wash your produce before delivering it to you. You may find that you still need to do a little washing at home.

Storage of you produce is most important. Most items will last all week if not more with proper storage. Maintaining the proper moisture content is important.


Radish & Turnip – Greens can be eaten as a cooking green. Roots can be eaten raw or cooked. Remove tops from greens to avoid greens drawing out root moisture. Roots stored in a container/baggie with a little paper towel to absorb extra moisture. Roots stored separately from greens in same manner.

Greens storage: Lettuce – Spinach – Arugula – Spring Mix  :  all of these have been washed and are in bags already just be aware of excess moisture and add a little paper towel to absorb excess moisture build up to extend storage time

Rhubarb – Refrigerated in a container or baggie to avoid wilting. Rhubarb can be frozen without blanching – however, will no longer be crisp for fresh use. Can be frozen in 1″ chunks for use later in quick breads, muffins, smoothies, and pie or to cook down later for sauces.

Cilantro – for fresh use same storage as for greens above – or place upright in a small glass of water and cover with a plastic bag. Freeze – best flavor retention, be sure it is clean and dry before freezing, place in baggie, remove as much air as possible, you can then use pieces with cooking as needed (2months). Can be pureed with a little olive oil into a smooth paste (ratio- 1C.fresh puree : 1/4C oil), freeze in ice cube tray or small container after frozen can be moved to baggie. Can also be hung in bundle and dried for use later, hang in dry warm place out of direct sunlight (small paper bag with holes works great)




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