Certified Organic- Our Farming Practices

Certified Organic —What does that mean??

We grow our vegetables on our farm and follow the rules & regulations set by the NOP – National Organic Program as set by the USDA.  We are inspected annually by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC.    For our small farm this means that we purchase certified organic seeds and only use potting soil, compost, and other products that are allowed and approved by these regulations.  It is our personal belief and practice that we do not use ANY pesticides in the production of our vegetables. We have found that this is the best way to maintain healthy habitat for beneficial insects like lady bugs, praying mantis, pollinators, assassin bugs, honey bees, lace wings, etc. Our goal is to improve and maintain healthy soil so we can grow healthy plants and vegetables. We rotate our crops and grow cover crops over the winter that are incorporated into the soil in the spring to add organic matter. We start all of our transplants ourselves in our small seed starting hoop house. Everything that you receive in your CSA share is grown by us on our farm with our labor.

GMO – Genetically Modified Organism – GMO’s are NOT allowed in Certified Organic products. For more information please see Institute for Responsible Technology

Labeling – Anything represented as “Organic” must be certified by a third party annually and list the certifier. “Made with Organic ….” must contain 70% Organic ingredients and can not contain GMO’s

By joining our CSA you can be confident that you helped keep harmful chemicals out of the environment and your body. You helped to provide habitat for beneficial insects, improved soil health, and supported a small farmer and their family.   THANK YOU!!!!!

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