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May – CSA News
Wow, what a month!! There has been so much happening on the farm. The change in the weather has finally given me a chance to sit down at the computer. We have been starting seeds, re-potting, preparing planting beds, transplanting, watering, and direct seeding.

We started off the month with cooler than normal weather, but we gained some breaks in the rain to accomplish some field prepping and direct seeding. We are on schedule and looking forward to an amazing season. Here is where we are at today.

Crops transplanted in the field in order of completion – swiss chard, cherry and heirloom tomatoes (in the hoophouse-Rose, Nepal, Valencia, Rose de Berne), bell peppers in the hoophouse (green, red, yellow), onions (red, white, yellow), potatoes (red Norland, Adirondack red, Yukon gold) bok choy, kohlrabi, lettuce heads (planting #1-3), scallions (planting #1-3) , summer squash (green zucchini, yellow, Rondi di Nice), curly kale, peppers (bell, mini-sweet, jalapeno, cayenne), tomatoes (Tasti Lee, Damsel, and Marmalade), plum tomato, grape tomato, eggplant (Italian globe and Japanese purple), Asian greens (Tokyo Bekana and tatsoi), celery, celeriac, and delicata squash

Crops direct seeded in the field in the order of completion- Hakurei salad turnips, baby lettuce mix, arugula, mustard greens, baby kale, radish, snow peas, green beans

Crops in flats and ready to go – parsley, more tomatoes (heirloom-Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple, Black Krim), canteloupe butternut squash, beets, basil, marigolds (pest deterrent), cucumbers, sweet corn

After the late April snow, we had a spring heatwave over the past few weeks. The sunshine has been wonderful. We are grateful for the current rain even though it puts a delay on some field work. The temperatures this weekend will be quite chilly after warmer than normal days. The sunshine is scheduled to return on Memorial Day. The plants in the field will be very happy, and so will we.

CSA deliveries begin Tuesday, June 8th

Keep an eye on your inbox. I will send out an email prior to your first delivery with details about your pick up location. If you would like to change your current pick up location or aren’t sure which one you are signed up for, please let us know as soon as possible. You can check our delivery locations here – CSA Delivery Locations and Details

ATTN: Corning Employees – We have been asked to add Big Flats to our delivery locations. This is tentatively set for Tuesdays at 3PM. If you are interested in delivery at this new location, please let us know.

You will see a lot of white in the field this time of year. No, it isn’t snow. It is the many row covers we use to protect our crops from munching pests. They still get in there but at least it gives the plants a chance to grow. It also helps to hide them from the deer that absolutely love our midnight buffet.

Photos from this morning

Activity over the past month

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Feel free to email or text.

Thank you for supporting our small farm and referring your friends and family!

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