July 16th – Week #5

Week #5 - 2019Week #5 – July 16th – July 19th

Baby Lettuce Mix
Bell Pepper
Lettuce    Romaine or Greenleaf
Jalapeno Hot Pepper
Summer Squash (yellow,zucchini,kusa)

Summer is cranking up the heat! Everything is growing well on the farm these days. We are staying close to target with our transplanting and seeding schedules. Did you know that we do succession plantings of some crops such as beans, summer squash, cucumber, lettuce, beets, swiss chard, and scallions to name a few?  We do our very best to ensure that you receive a variety in your CSA share each week. Every day there is plenty to do whether it is starting seeds, re-potting, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, field maintenance, cultivation, mowing, or delivering. 

QUICK TIPS:  Be sure to take a look at the links for each veggie above. They take you to the vegetable directory.

Scallions – Can be used raw or in cooked dishes. Great in salads, stir fry, dressings, and eggs. If you are finding that you are not using them fast enough try this –  I will clean and trim then slice up my scallions and put them in a freezer bag –no need to blanch — then you can grab a handful to add to the end of stirfry or saute just at the end of cooking for a lovely addition of mild onion flavor. Jalapeno – raw or cooked. The heat is found in the white pithy part and seeds. To limit the heat avoid putting these into your dishes. Be careful when cutting hot peppers. The hot oils can stay on your fingers and it never fails you will touch your eye. Wear gloves when possible. It can be diced, sliced and frozen without blanching. Just cut as you would like to use them in any cooked dish and put it into a freezer bag. Then you can use just a bit instead of the whole hot pepper at once. Bell Peppers – cooked or raw, a great addition to salads, sandwiches, saute, stirfry, pilaf, eggs. These can be sliced or diced and frozen in a baggie- no blanching – just cut how you would like to use in your cooked dish. Kohlrabi – peel before eating – can be eaten raw shredded, julienned, sliced or diced, add to salads, slaws, stir fry, saute, roasted or boiled–so versatile and they will store well.  Basil -will turn black if it gets too cold- store carefully, best used or preserved within a day or two. Try to keep the air in your bag to insulate from cold temps in the fridge. I like to blend it up with a little bit of oil and keep in the fridge to add to dishes throughout the week. Sometimes I add walnuts or cheese but most of the time it is just basil and oil. It will keep in the fridge for the week and zip up a quick dish of squash, pasta, or rice. Kale – wash before eating. It can be eaten raw as salads or smoothies or cooked. If eating raw in a salad it is best to massage first. Yes, you can eat the stems too! Slice or dice and just toss them into your cooking pan earlier than the greens to let them cook a bit longer. Don’t over-cook your greens. They are best after they turn a bright green and wilted. Pesto – Yes, you can pesto just about anything – having trouble eating your greens?…. Pesto – take a look at this pesto basics guide and Pesto Basics 101.  Most pesto can be frozen after preparing into serving size cubes to use throughout the year.

Summer Crops are coming!!!! Coming soon – eggplant, cucumbers, beans, tomato……..

One of our favorites is squash on the grill. It is so easy and quick. Prepare ahead of time and let marinate in your fridge or at least 20 min if possible.


Dinner ideas – squash is also great for baking boats and sticks take a look at these recipes:

Zucchini Taco Boats  This is one recipe but there are endless possibilities!

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Sticks


Did you make something amazing? Share your photos with us on our Facebook Page or tag us in your photos. 

Do you have a favorite recipe??  – Share it with us and we will add it to our “Member Approved” recipes on the Vegetable Directory

Veggie Notes:  We do give your veggies a rinse at the farm – however, we do recommend a second wash at home as necessary.  Decisions on rinsing are made at the time of harvest and the effect it will have on your produce. Some items just store better unwashed. We do not use pesticides; therefore, it is possible that you find inhabitants in your produce. We try to restrict our plastic usage. The bags that you receive are recyclable at grocery store drop-offs.

Thank you for supporting our small farm!!!








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