CSA Start Date

We have been busy planning and preparing for a sensational season! We are all excited to have flavorful fresh veggies.

The first week of CSA share deliveries begin June 11th.

Over the winter and spring we were busy planning our seeding schedule, ordering supplies, renewing our organic certification, rebuilding a hoophouse, starting seeds, preparing our fields, re-potting plants, transplanting, and direct seeding into prepared beds.

Take a look at our gallery of photos from this season so far.

Farm Update:

It has been a wet spring. We were able to work the soil earlier than last season. We had a few dry days in between all of this rain in April and Joe worked very hard to get the soil prepped and seeds in the ground. Thrilled that it got done since we have had a lot of rain over the past few weeks and we would not have been able to get the tractor on the field. This also means that we have not been able to cultivate for weeds properly due to soil conditions. Our transplanting is going on schedule so far and the weeding schedule is a bit behind. The rain does delay us a bit but the transplants are ready to go.  The older boys are home from college for the summer and everyone has been a huge help and working the long days when we need it. With a little bit of sunshine, we should be able to get the rest done quickly. During these rainy days we have plenty of work to do out of the field. We are always busy starting new seeds and re-potting.

Planted in the field to date:  mix lettuce, bok choy, radish, beets, potato, onions, red cabbage, kohlrabi, tomato, pepper, eggplant, swiss chard, celeriac, lettuce heads, baby kale, hakurei turnips, zucchini, summer squash

On the transplant list: asian greens, kale, basil, spinach, cucumber, winter squash, watermelon, parsley, pink celery, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce…….. more added daily

Spring Project:

One of our big spring projects was to rebuild one of our hoop houses. We do not use treated wood to avoid chemical leaching into our veggies. Organic certification does not allow it. (treated wood on organic farms) However, it does need to be replaced about every 6 years or so. This particular house also was in need of new plastic due to winter destruction from wind and storms.  It is all done and the peppers are planted in it now.

New Skills…..


Last week Joely attended training and is on her way to become a NYS Master Food Preserver. We look forward to having some hands on classes at the farm this summer. Please let us know if there is a preservation technique that you would be interested in learning more about. This training included skills for canning, pickling, fermenting, drying, freezing, and more.  Any questions…..ask we would love to help in any way we can.

Did you know?……img_0443-e1559219731905.jpg

Over the winter break…….there was a break.  Joely broke her ankle and we need to send a big shout-out to Interlakes Orthopedics and Seneca Physical Therapy! They helped get this farmer back on her feet in time for the busy season.

Members- New and Returning:

This year we welcome many new and the return of seasoned members. Please add our email to your contact list (info@EGFCSA.com) to be sure to receive your weekly updates. Our weekly emails are sent with MailChimp and they sometimes end up in your promotion or junk folder.  Some workplaces may block our emails. Let us know if you need a change in your contact information at anytime throughout the season.

There is still room for more members and it is not too late to start a payment plan. Don’t keep our CSA a secret……tell your friends, family, and co-workers.

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