September 25, 2018


Week #16: September 25th-September 28th

Napa Cabbage
Potato - Butterball
Pepper - Bell & Hot
Eggplant - mini-Italian globe and/or Japanese
Hakurei Turnip w/greens
Butternut Squash
Lettuce Mix
Heirloom Tomato
NOTE: Quantities and variety may vary between large and small share
CLICK on each vegetable for more details

Now taking CSA Members for 2018 Extension Share – $150 – no delivery the week of Thanksgiving. Extension shares begin immediately after the regular season ends and will continue until December 7th.  Crops Expected:  potato, garlic, daikon, butternut squash, kale, swiss chard, beets, kohlrabi, watermelon radish, black radish, hakurei turnip, bok choy, carrots, onion, arugula, Asian greens, and lettuce

We are so thankful that you have shared this season with us. It is because of YOU, our CSA members, that our farm continues to grow. We thank you for telling your friends and co-workers and encouraging others to join. Each season has its abundance and challenges –drought, rain, flooding, heat waves, cold spells, insect pressure, deer damage–it keeps farming interesting! Even with our erratic weather patterns, which are now the new normal, we believe that we had a very productive and successful season. We are beginning to plan for next season already and reviewing our notes of the season for any adjustments to next year. We hope that you will join us for 2019!

Open House @ the farm ~ October 20, 2018     1-3pm

We welcome you to visit the farm, enjoy conversation with us and other members, take a walk around the fields and sample some seasonal dishes that we prepare for you. Beverages will be provided.

It is here already!! Time to join for next season. We have made some changes. There will be one share size next season and we have added some new payment options. The share available will be based on the “small” share of this season. If you would like more produce, you are welcome to purchase multiple shares. We also plan to offer some veggies as “add-ons” when available.

In an effort to reduce printing waste we have moved to an online membership form. If you need a paper form, we can mail one to you. We can accept payments by check, cash, or credit card. There is a discount when you join early. As many of you know, we rely on early memberships to purchase required supplies to get the next season going and to let us know how many members to plan for.

$50 discount ~ pay in full by Open House ~ October 20, 2018
$25 discount ~ pay in full by ~ February 1st, 2019
Payment Plan Options:
#1 – Split Payment – no discount ~ 2 payments ~ $262.50
                                                                  2nd payment due by May 1, 2019
#2 – Payment Plan – no discount ~ $125 deposit and 4 monthly payments ~ 
                                                                 $100  due by 10th of the month May-August
#3 – Payment Plan – no discount ~ $125 deposit and 5 monthly payments ~
                                                                 $80 due by 10th of the month May-September
Quick Tips: You have the fixins for a fantastic stir fry. Napa Cabbage-Traditionally, it is used as the base for Kimchi.  It shrinks down quite a bit in cooking.  Can be used in stir fry, slaws, salads, as wraps, in wraps, raw or cooked. Hakurei Turnip– These are salad turnips that can be eaten raw or cooked; peeled or not. The greens are full of vitamins and minerals. You can eat the tops raw added chopped to salads (not in a smoothie). We like to cook our turnip greens with a splash of lemon juice,  just slightly wilted. As with any green, they will shrink. Any tops and greens can be used in a pesto~it’s not just for basil anymore!  Butternut Squash – now we know it is fall – How to Peel and Cut a Butternut Squash excellent roasted and for soup, even baking and yes pie too! These store well at cool fall room temperatures so no rush.
See vegetable directory and our Pinterest Boards for more inspiration, ideas, and details
Recipes from our Pinterest Boards –
Turnip Burgers   –  everyone loved these-even the kids

Do you have any favorites recipes? Let us know and we will share with fellow CSA members.

Do you know anyone that would like to have CSA “workplace delivery” for the 2019 Season?   Have them contact us!




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