September 18, 2018

Week #15: September 18th-September 21st

Bok Choy
Pepper - red frying, hot-jalapeno
Eggplant - mini-Italian globe and/or Japanese
Delicata Squash
Beans  (green, yellow, or haricot vert)
Potato - Butterball
Bell Pepper
NOTE: Quantities and variety may vary between large and small share
CLICK on each vegetable for more details

See vegetable directory for further details…………..Enjoy your week!

We will now begin our transition of crops from summer to fall. After this week there are just 6 weeks left of the season. Some of you have begun asking about the Extension Share (NOV&DEC)- Yes, we do plan to have and extension this season and are currently working out the details. Also, we will have the Open House at the farm in October and there will be a discount for the 2019 season if you join for next season at the open house. Keep an eye on these weekly updates for details  (Anticipated date: 10/20/18 @ 1-3pm)

Quick Tips: Bok Choy-great raw in salads, smoothies, or stir fry. Delicata Squash- we love it roasted-see the directory. Radish – store the roots separately from the tops. The tops will wick away any moisture. If your radishes are stored in a bag/container they will last longer. You can even perk them up in a bowl of cold water in the fridge. Radish tops- Yes, you can eat them! Great for radish top pesto and also stir-fry but chop small – not good raw in salads or smoothies-too prickly/bitey. As I said in the spring, you can cook your radishes too – Stir-fry or roasted and even boiled. Cooking reduces the spicey bite of radishes. The kids even ate creamed radishes years ago and had no idea. Not keeping up with your peppers? Freeze them for later – easy – just seed, chop/slice and throw them in a baggie in the freezer. You will be happy you did in the winter.

Do you have any favorites recipes? Let us know and we will share with fellow CSA members.

Farm Notes: Delicata Squash – as some of you may have read previously, we had an issue with our delicata crop this season. Our harvest was less than anticipated, even though we increased our number of plants this season. That said, this is the final distribution of delicata squash. We hope that they are all ok. It is difficult for us to judge just by looking sometimes.

This is a very fitting quote that comes to my mind

“There is a kind of idealism that seems to be native to farming. Farmers begin every year with a vision of perfection. And every year, in the course of the seasons and the work, this vision is relentlessly whittled down to a real result–by human frailty and fallibility, by the mortality of creatures, by pests and diseases, by the weather. The crop year is a long struggle, ended invariably not by the desired perfection but by the need to accept something less than perfection as the best that could be done.”  – Wendell Berry




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