September 11, 2018

Week #14: September 11th-September 14th

Beans  (green, yellow, or haricot vert)
Tomato -(heirloom,plum,and/or field)
Pepper - frying, bell, mini-sweet, hot
Eggplant - mini-Italian globe and/or Japanese
Potato  - Mountain Rose (red on the inside)
Swiss Chard
and extra-peppers,eggplant,tomato
NOTE: Quantities and variety may vary between large and small share
CLICK on each vegetable for more details

See vegetable directory for further details…………..Enjoy your week!

Quick Tips: I am picturing some fried potato with peppers and onions, kale salad with peppers, pasta tossed with peppers and arugula, a colorful saute with beans, peppers, eggplant, tomato, onions, and topped off with some chopped kale or ribboned swiss chard. With the cooler weather right now, some roasted potato & peppers sounds great too! Do you have any favorites? Let us know and we will share with fellow CSA members.

Remember when cooking your greens add the stems early to cook a bit more and the greens at the end–just lightly wilt them — they will turn dark green. Arugula, when small, can be added to a hot dish at the end and just stirred in to wilt.  Yes, you can eat the stems!! Don’t throw them away and lose out on extra vitamins and fiber.

This is one of Joe’s favorite salads! Wash kale and blot dry, tear leaves from stems (reserve stems for later use in another dish), “massage” kale -rub leaves in your hands and tear into bite size pieces (this will soften the kale to make more palatable raw), top with julienned peppers and your favorite salad toppings -walnuts, radish, raisins, vinaigrette, feta cheese……endless possibilities. Make you own dressings -recipes can be found in the vegetable directory – Lettuce

Some recipe of the past:

Garlic mashed potato

Broiled Eggplant

Roasted Vegetables




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