August 7, 2018

Week #9 – August 7th – August 10th

Sweet Corn
Tomato - Mix (heirloom,beefsteak,plum,field)
Beans - green/yellow/haricot vert
Summer Squash - yellow, zucchini, or kusa
Cucumber - pickler(all purpose), slicer
Cherry or Grape Tomato
Green Bell Pepper
Jalapeno Pepper
Eggplant -Italian Globe/Japanese
Pepper Mix - sweet mini & roaster/fryer
NOTE: Quantities and variety may vary between large and small share
CLICK on each vegetable for more details

See vegetable directory for further details…………..Enjoy your week!

**Even if you take your share in a box – please bring an extra bag for corn & watermelon as they do not fit in the “crop box”. We will have a few on hand if you need one.

Quick Tips – Summer crops are in full swing. You have fixins for a fresh salsa. We love our corn on the grill – right in the husk. The corn is picked on harvest day so it is moist and steams itself and the silks slip right off. Parsley can be chopped and frozen in ice cube trays with a bit of water and thawed when needed. Jalapeno peppers are a hot pepper use gloves when cutting and don’t touch your eyes. Removing seeds and white inside can reduce heat. These can also be chopped and frozen to use little bits as you need them. Tomatoes should be left on your counter and not refrigerated. We try to send them home to you when ripe; however, some may need to ripen further. We also try to pack as carefully as possible not to damage them on their travels. Heirloom and vine ripened tomatoes are much more delicate than general store tomatoes. If you have a super ripe one – this is what we do – dice it up, throw it in your saute pan and use it as a bit of cooking sauce for summer squash, beans, pepper – whatever you have on hand. It adds a bit of color and extra flavor.

Potato Harvest Pictures – 


Add-ons – You should have received and email on Sunday this week. When we have extra produce available, we will put in an email on Sunday for you to order extras if you wish. Orders must be place 24 hours before your pick up day. You can order from our Square Online Store .  Any questions, please contact us.

Did you know that you can have Seneca Sunrise Coffee delivered with your CSA share?

seneca sunrise logoSeneca Sunrise Coffee offers small batch roasted organic coffee beans of single origin and unique blends.
We love them all! Contact Mindi and let her know you are a member of  Ever Green Farm CSA. Payment must be made before or at the time of delivery.
Orders placed are delivered the following week.

Do you already know what you want? Email or contact on Facebook @SenecaSunriseCoffee

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