July 3, 2018

Week #4 – July 3rd– July 6th

Kohlrabi with leaves
Asian Greens - mild
Lettuce Head
Summer Squash - yellow, zucchini, or kusa
Swiss Chard
Garlic Scapes
Snap Peas 
Snow Peas
Baby Lettuce Mix 

NOTE: Quantities vary between large and small share
CLICK on each vegetable for more details

Quick Tips : Kohlrabi – yes you need to peel it – eat it raw, slaw, salad, stir fry, boil ……and you can also use the leaves, cook as you would other greens; New – asian greens – mild – salad, stir fry, saute; Garlic Scapes – use as you would garlic – excellent addition to stir fry, saute, or pesto; Snap pea – remove stem, pull down string, whole pod is edible. Peas cook quickly- do not over cook; Basil -won’t last long- excellent to chiffon ribbon cut to add to anything, great on pizza, fantastic with summer squash, or pesto addition. If not using quickly chop by hand or food processor, coat with a little oil just to stick together and freeze in small balls/ice cubes to toss in dishes later.

See vegetable guide for further details…………..Enjoy your week!

Have you looked at the guide to leafy greensin the directory?

We survived through the heat wave and would like to send a special thank you to Chelsea, Drew, Kelsey, and Natalia for volunteering on their day off during the oppressive heat to help out. We are also very thankful for our boys and all of their help.

Keeping the foolproof pesto on the update this week…..just in case you missed it

Are you not keeping up with your greens —–problem solved!

Foolproof Pesto  
Ly, Linda (2015) The CSA Cookbook. Minneapolis, MN: Voyageur Press
2 C. packed herbs or greens
1/2 C.grated hard cheese
1/3 C. toasted nuts or seeds
1/4 to 1/2 C oil
salt to taste
everything goes in the food processor or blender pulse until smooth
Serving ideas: with bread, crackers, veggies, over pasta......
Pesto Vinaigrette - start with a thin pesto,whisk together 1/4 C. 
pesto and 2 Tbsp vine vinegar, taste and add more if desired

PLEASE NOTE: We were informed by our “crop box” vendor that they are out of stock of the small boxes until fall —extremely important to return your box every week!!!

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