CSA Shares Week #12

Week #12 - August 22nd - August 25th

The list below is what you will find in your share this week. Follow the links to each vegetable for storage tips, preservation, and recipe ideas. Varieties and quantities vary between large and small shares.

Sweet Corn
Cherry Tomato
Peppers Sweet & Hot-Jalapeno 
Summer Squash


We had a great time at the Pickle Party and Fermentation Festival. Special thank you to Debbie of The Black Sheep Inn & Spa in Hammondsport for your fermentation knowledge and preservation tips. If you would like to learn more about our events of the day follow each link for recipes and instructions.

Pickle Party

Kombucha – This site has supplies and everything you need to know to brew your own

Kombucha Recipe

Fermentation Festival

Special thank you to Mindi of Seneca Sunrise Coffee in Watkins Glen for the delicious coffee. We sampled Long Stem Roast a blend formulated exclusively for Lakewood Vineyards and Bali Blue Moon – french roast.

Seneca Sunrise Coffee is an artisanal small batch roaster of organic coffee beans offered in 1 lb bags in single origin and original blends.  Stop by the shop and see the wide variety of local products also available  – cheese, jam, juice, tea, meat, bread, ice cream, oils, mugs, artwork and snacks.

Did you know that you can pick up coffee with your CSA delivery?

If you are interested, let us know!

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